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CUSTOM Silicone Bubble Wristlet Keychain

CUSTOM Silicone Bubble Wristlet Keychain

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Expertly crafted, the Silicone Bubble Wristlet Keychain allows for easy access and secure storage of your keys. Choose from a variety of focal beads to showcase your interests and a mixture of colored silicone beads are added to coordinate and complete the look. This wristlet is approximately 8" in length and is made on stretchy elastic cord for a great fit!

Since this item is completely customized, you will add it to your cart and after checkout, email your order number and choice of any focal bead that is found on this site, with any complimentary colors you like.  All products will be confirmed prior to shipping.

Please Note: Inspect this before you let children play with them.  They are constructed to be securely fastened, but if the cord comes untied, the individual beads pose a choking hazard to small children.

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