Resale Tax Exemptions

Sales taxes for Bowie County Texas are collected on all sales.  If you are operating as a business and reselling the products you purchase from me, you can avoid paying the sales taxes on your order.


You must download a sales Tax Exemption Form 01-339 from this website:

Businesses must complete and sign the first page.  Tax Exempt Organizations complete and sign the second page.

I will verify information that your tax certificate is valid and tag your account as tax exempt.  Once this is done, your orders will not calculate taxes in to your totals.  Remember, if you buy anything for personal use, you are required to report it on your sales tax collection forms when you file, and pay the sales taxes on it.


Please allow up to 30 days to process this request.  Naturally, I will not intentionally delay the process, but fulfilling orders is my priority.