About Us

I am a crafter, too!  I touched on crochet and embroidery as a child when my aunt would be doing her crafts and teach me.  When I became a teenager, it was ceramics.  Then, I moved on to plastic canvas after my mother-in-law came into my life.  My current habits (my daughters call them "rabbit holes") are epoxy glitter tumblers and pens, resin keychains, resin words and flower preservation, and car fresheners...most of which use glitter.  I have purchased some beautiful glitters from other sources, but I decided I could provide beautiful glitters, and keep the prices low so that everybody could do their crafting, even in these shaky financial times. 

Take a moment and browse.  We are just starting this journey, so we are adding products constantly.  If there is something particular that you would like to see, send me a note and I will look into adding it!